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In case of emergency information

Emergency Advice

  • If someone with diabetes has collapsed and is unresponsive phone 999
  • If you need urgent advice regarding your diabetes contact your GP surgery during working hours or out of hours NHS 24 on 111.
  • If you attend a hospital clinic you may have an additional contact number for your local diabetes nurses.

Hospital Admission may be required if any of the following happen:

  • If you can't swallow or keep fluids down
  • You have persistent vomiting
  • Persistent high blood sugar levels
  • Persistent increasing levels of Ketones
  • Abdominal pain, breathlessness

Further Advice is available on the website regarding:

  • Treatment of Low Blood Sugar Levels (Hypoglycaemia) click here
  • Managing your Diabetes when you are ill (Type 2 Diabetes) click here
  • Managing your Diabetes when you are ill (Type 1 Diabetes) click here

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