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My Diabetes My Way: December 2018 Update

Welcome to the My Diabetes My Way Newsletter for December 2018.

Planning for 2019
The New Year is an ideal time to consider personal goals on how to improve your life for the future. You may wish to improve your diabetes management or maintain good control. My Diabetes My Way can help you achieve these goals. Studies have shown if individuals with diabetes maintain their blood glucose levels to target, the risk of diabetes complications is significantly reduced.


1. Monitor blood glucose levels (if you have been asked to by your diabetes team) and make sure you are aware of your HbA1c (average blood glucose level)
2. Take your prescribed medication as directed
3. Regularly check your feet and choose suitable footwear
4. Attend your diabetes review appointments and screening tests. These visits monitor your eyes, feet, HbA1c, kidney function, cholesterol, blood pressure and body mass index and give you an opportunity to engage with your diabetes team

All of these results can be accessed on My Diabetes My Way if you have registered to access your records.  Be prepared for you next annual review and work with your diabetes team to set achievable goals.


Scottish Diabetes Survey
The Scottish Government has published the 2017 Scottish Diabetes Survey. This report provides an annual update describing many aspects of diabetes care across the whole of Scotland. This information is useful and helps each Scottish NHS Board identify what is needed to further improve the quality of diabetes care. You can find the full report at the following link: 

Festive Period Support
My Diabetes My Way and myaccount will have limited support cover until Monday 7th January. We ask you to please bear with us during this time and we will respond to any emails and feedback as soon as we can on our return.

?We would like to thank you for your ongoing support.?

The mydiabetes*myway team

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