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My Diabetes My Way: October 2019 Update

Welcome to the My Diabetes My Way Newsletter for October 2019.


Login Issues Affecting Some Users
We are aware of a problem that is preventing some users from successfully logging in to My Diabetes My Way. We are working with the myaccount team to fix this and we will contact everyone who has been affected by this once it has been resolved. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused. If you require further information, please contact our support team at 


World Diabetes Day 2019

World Diabetes Day will be celebrated on Wednesday 14th November. This year the theme is "Family and Diabetes", with the tagline "protect your family". The main aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the impact that diabetes has on the family unit and to promote the role of the family in the management, care, prevention and education relating to diabetes.

The World Diabetes Day campaign has three main focus areas:
1. Discover diabetes

2. Prevent type 2 diabetes
3. Manage diabetes

To find out more, please see the following link: 


Below are some activities you may wish to get involved with: 


Keep Well in Winter

Keep well in the winter - be prepared! Illness can upset your blood glucose levels. Colds and flu may increase your blood glucose levels and vomiting & diarrhoea bugs can lead to low blood glucose levels - as well as significant dehydration. Take precautions and, if you have not already done so, see your GP for a free flu vaccination this winter. If you do become unwell, see our "sick day rules" below.

Sick Day Rules for Type 1 Diabetes: 

Sick Day Rules for Type 2 Diabetes: 


Help and Support

If you have not yet managed to gain access to your diabetes records on My Diabetes My Way, or would like an update on the status of your registration, please let us know. You can contact us regarding any problems or request further help and support by emailing: 

Thank you for your continued support.

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