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My Diabetes My Way: November 2019 Update

Welcome to the My Diabetes My Way Newsletter for November 2019.

Diabetes Advent Calendar
As the festive period approaches, why not check out our diabetes advent calendar. In it you will find helpful tips and links every day including fun ways to learn a bit more about your condition and how to manage it particularly at this time of year. 
The advent calendar will be active from the 1st December – find it by clicking on the link below: 
New National and International Diabetes Reports
The Scottish Government has published the 2018 Scottish Diabetes Survey. This report provides an annual update describing many aspects of diabetes care across the whole of Scotland. This information is useful as it helps each Scottish NHS Board identify what is needed to further improve the quality of diabetes care that is delivered. There are now over 300,000 people living with diabetes in Scotland. You can find the full report at the following link: 
This week the International Diabetes Federation launched its 2019 "Diabetes Atlas". This presents new worldwide statistics on diabetes with the aim of improving the care of people living with diabetes and those at risk. New predictions show that over 700 million people will have diabetes worldwide by 2045. To find out more, see the following link: 
Join Up Your Fitbit Data
Earlier this year we developed a link within My Diabetes My Way that allows you to connect your Fitbit ( activity tracker data. If you have a Fitbit device, log in to My Diabetes My Way and select "My Services". You can then link your Fitbit account and connect your Fitbit records. When you do this, you will see a new section named "My Activity" where you can monitor your steps, heart rate and many other Fitbit measurements.
Login Issues Affecting Some Users
We are aware of a problem that is temporarily preventing some users from successfully logging in to My Diabetes My Way. We are working with the myaccount team to fix this, but in the meantime we are contacting everyone who has been affected when the issue is resolved. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this causes. If you require further information, please contact our support team at
Help and Support
If you have not yet managed to gain access to your diabetes records on My Diabetes My Way, or would like an update on the status of your registration, please let us know. You can contact us regarding any problems or request further help and support by emailing: 

Thank you for your continued support.

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