My Diabetes My Way General FAQs


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Who do I contact if I can't log in?
If you have problems logging in, visit the My Diabetes My Way home page on a computer and click the "login" button. Then click "login using my account". Option for "forgot username" and "forgot password" are available on this page. 

Can I register with the same email address as my husband/wife/parent/child etc.?
We have been made aware that some users of My Diabetes My Way share email addresses with someone else. For example, a husband and wife, or parent and child signing up to use the system. Sharing email addresses in this way is not advised, particularly if you want to change your username to your email address. Email addresses can only be used for one user account, so if you want to update your username, please make sure that you have an email address that only you can access.

My registered GP is shown as "Dr Smith", but my doctor is "Dr Jones". Can you correct this?
We understand that some practices allocate patients equally between all of their registered doctors. This means that the GP associated with you on our system may not necessarily be the GP who you regularly see. As GP registration details are provided to us by a national administration system there is, unfortunately, nothing we ca