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Patient Testimonials

Watch some of our patients talking about My Diabetes My Way and how it has helped them manage their diabetes better

Andy's Testimonial

Andy is a user of the site and he discusses how helpful this site has been for him .

Derek Beatty's Testimonial

Derek Beatty talks about how My Diabetes My Way has helped him manage his targets with his GP.

Gillian Webster's Testimonial

Gillian talks about uploading blood glucose results and how My Diabetes My Way has helped her feel more supported.

Derek Brown's Testimonial

Derek is user of My Diabetes My Way. In this video he discusses his experience with the My Diabetes My Way website and how it has helped him with managing his diabetes.

Ross Kerr's Testimonial

Ross talks about the My Diabetes My Way system and how it has help make an positive impact on his diabetes.

David Garrell's Testimonial

David Garrell talks about My Diabetes My Way, an interactive website to help support people who have diabetes.

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