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This is NHS Scotland's interactive diabetes website for patients and carers. It is supported and funded by the Scottish Diabetes Group who provide expert advice to the Scottish Government. The information the website contains has been verified and validated by an Editorial Board, made up of healthcare professionals, patients and technical specialists from across Scotland. If you wish to know more about the project, or to become involved, please contact us using the link at the bottom of this page.


About the website

This website is for people with diabetes and their families and friends to help find diabetes information and resources. All the information has been checked, so you can be sure that the everything is reliable and accurate.

The style, structure and content of the website was created as a result of extensive consultation and evaluation with people who have diabetes and diabetes healthcare professionals. We try to provide information in a way that makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

The site is aligned with 'Gaun Yersel: The Self Management Strategy for Long Term Conditions in Scotland' document, with information on all of the identified 'Key stages where people need support'.

Please remember that the information on this site is general advice - if you are having any specific problems please contact your GP or another healthcare professional to get individual help.

Information from external sources: We believe that the information provided from external websites contain useful and unbiased information. However, we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of their content or the views of the authors.


Who we are

MDMW is an online self-management platform for people with diabetes that has been running in NHS Scotland since 2008 (currently around 30,000 registrants (Aug 2017)). It has won many national and international awards and shown that it can improve outcomes for people with Diabetes.


The My Diabetes My Way Team


Dr Scott Cunningham - Technical Lead

Scott is Technical Consultant at the University of Dundee and has fifteen years of experience in software architecture design, development and project management within healthcare. He is technical lead for NHS Scotland's shared electronic record for diabetes: SCI Diabetes Collaboration (SCI-DC). This system has been hugely influential in the understanding of diabetes and received an award for "Excellence in Major Healthcare IT Development" at the eHealth Insider Awards in October 2011. Scott has an active research interest in the patient-focused aspects of Health Informatics and received Scottish Diabetes Group funding in 2007 for the development of this website. The records access module, allowing patients across Scotland direct access to their diabetes record, received "Best initiative supporting self-care" at the Quality in Care Diabetes awards in October 2013. Scott and his team have a track record of taking research development grants to the level of fully integrated national services.

Dr Debbie Wake - Clinical Lead

Dr Debbie Wake is a Senior Reader and Consultant Diabetologist at University of Edinburgh/ NHS Lothian. She supports the mydiabetesmywayproject by providing guidance around clinical content, strategic development and project evaluation. Her research interests include the use of new technology and digital health in patient and health professional education and diabetes care. She has led international diabetes education programmes in Kuwait and China and through online delivery. Debbie also has an active role in public health communication. She was the resident doctor on Scottish Televisions flagship show 'The Hour', is a regular contributor to radio health programming and was a health columnist for Scotland's national newspaper 'The Scotsman' for many years.

Lyn Wilson - Clinical Support

Lyn is a Diabetes Specialist Nurse (DSN) working in NHS Lanarkshire and joined the MDMW team at the end of 2011. She has been a Registered General Nurse for 18 years and has specialised in Diabetes Nursing for over 14 years. Initially working in Diabetes Research in Lanarkshire and then as a DSN working in Glasgow, before taking a post in Secondary Care within Lanarkshire. In addition to working in general diabetes clinics and delivering inpatient diabetes care Lyn is a DAFNE (Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating) Educator and Specialises in Insulin Pump Therapy.

Brian Allardice - Software Developer, Support Coordinator

Brian has been a software developer for the University of Dundee for 3 years. Brian gained a 2:1 honours degree at the University of Dundee studying Applied Computing where he specialized in social media. He originally began his time at the University of Dundee working on a head and neck cancer research project to help with out-patient care. Six months later he began working with the My Diabetes My Way project. While working under Scott Cunningham and Massimo Brillante, Brian has gained a lot of knowledge about My Diabetes My Way project and also about diabetes itself. Brian now handles the public information side of the project as well as any patient correspondence and all social media outlets of My Diabetes My Way.

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