My Diabetes My Way Patient Advisory Group

Dear Fellow My Diabetes My Way users

By way of introduction my name is Dave Garrell, I have Type 1.5 diabetes (think of it as a type 2 who slowly becomes more like type 1 so needs insulin to have enough impact on blood glucose) and live in the Forth Valley health board area. I have been using My Diabetes My Way (MDMW) for about 10 years and got involved informally as a patient rep on various activities.

It has become obvious that the Scottish Government have tough choices to make over where to spend NHS money. In order to keep the funding for MDMW secure, the team have been tasked with setting up a more formal Patient Advisory Group, and I have agreed to be the first Chair of this group.

I am writing to you as it is really important that we get people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, genders and ages involved. I am looking for volunteers to join us – especially those who think they may not have much to contribute or have not felt confident enough to put themselves forward.

The time commitment will be of the order of 2 hours if joining a meeting perhaps 2-4 times per year.

I would like to build this into a Scotland wide group, so we can feed in comments from everyone to the team who maintain and develop MDMW. This will mean the platform is developed according to our needs and priorities (as far as possible!). This process should also help the team pitch for increased funding in areas where users think is valuable requires investment to deliver.

Many thanks for reading and even if a bit nervous – please feel free to get in touch.

Dave Garrell  


Please email: if you are interested in participating, and we will pass your details on to Dave.


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